What is this tool, and what is its purpose?

The Funding Finder is an extensive database of grants and funding programs designed to increase the accessibility of funds available for stakeholders who wish to transition to Medium-and-Heavy-Duty, advanced-technology vehicles and infrastructure.

Who can benefit from using this tool?

Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) and the infrastructure enabling them are on their way to nationwide adoption. This tool is a resource for fleet owners, operators, businesses, local municipalities, tribal communities, and those looking to future-proof their fleets and infrastructure.

What types of funding opportunities are available for EVs and infrastructure?

The Funding Finder includes up-to-date information, application and eligibility requirements on state, federal and local grants, trusts, rebates, and incentive programs for projects advancing ZEV initiatives. This includes the electrification of fleet vehicles and the installation of electric and/or hydrogen infrastructure.

Is the tool specific to a particular region or country?

The Funding Finder includes nationwide funding opportunities at the federal level and state level. Although the tool is currently limited to programs in California, Michigan, New York, Oregon and Washington State, the database will continue to expand over time with plans to integrate funding opportunities for states in the Midwest and Northeast regions.

How frequently is the information in the tool updated?

The tool is updated quarterly.

Can I search for funding opportunities for specific types of EVs, such as cars, buses, or trucks?

Yes, the Funding Finder includes detailed filters to narrow search results to vehicle and infrastructure type (Transit, Truck, Off-Road, etc.,) the technology being used (Hydrogen, Battery Electric, CNG/Low Nox, etc.,) vehicle class (light or medium/heavy duty) and other options.

What criteria should I consider when choosing a funding opportunity?

The key components to keep in mind are each opportunity’s eligibility requirements, the amount of funding offered, application deadlines and the overall scope of your project. For example:

Planning ahead of time and having a firm grasp on your project’s scope is critical to identifying the best funding opportunities for your specific needs. If you need additional assistance planning, calculating and visualizing your project, you can also use CALSTART’s free Infrastructure Insite Tool to outline costs, solutions and vendors based on the scale of your project.

Are there any eligibility requirements for accessing these funding opportunities?

Some of the most common eligibility requirements focus on location, industry and project size. For example:

For specific information on a funding opportunity’s eligibility requirements, visit the program’s website at the URL included within each program description, or reach out to fundingfinder@calstart.org for assistance.

Are there any cost implications for using the tool?

No, this tool is free for end users.

How can I provide feedback or report issues with the tool?

Please click the Contact tab located at the top of the page and reach out to fundingfinder@calstart.org.

What do I do if I encounter technical difficulties while using the tool?

Please click the Contact tab located at the top of the page and reach out to fundingfinder@calstart.org.

If a relevant program is not listed, how do I go about getting it listed on the tool?

Please click the Contact tab located at the top of the page and reach out to fundingfinder@calstart.org. We will respond and reach out for additional information on the program you would like to see added.